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by Ken Campbell

The Questors Playhouse
December 1986

Directed by Jeffrey Smith
Designed by Beth Crowley
Lighting by James Linehan
Sound by Pete Kendrick, Sue Kendrick
Costumes by Sarah Andrews



Oenone Grant, John Kelly, Roger Lewis, Gavin Mcqueen, Fiona Nicholson, Paddy O'connor, Kenneth Ratcliffe, Mike Robotham, Satvinder Singh Duhra

Production Team:
Louise Andrews, Sarah Andrews, Alec Atchison, Bron Beckford, Jane Blackwell, Gerry Blake, Stella Bond, Rona Christie, Beth Crowley, Julia Cruttenden, Paul Davis, Yvonne Donlan, Richard Egan, Sue Ferguson, Anne Gilmour, Barbara Howe, Ken Josh, Pete Kendrick, Sue Kendrick, James Linehan, Anjali Patel, Mark Pearce, Harriet Simon, Satvinder Singh Duhra, Jeffrey Smith, Francis Stevenson, Bridget Strevens, Anne Turner, Samantha Turner, Sylvia Wall, Paul Willen