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by John Davey and the cast
music by Michael Carver

The Questors Studio
November 1979

Directed by John Davey
Designed by Roger Harris
Lighting by Martin Stoner
Sound by Murray Cooke
Costumes by Lindsay Udell


Akexander Barber, Jean Caleb, Michael Davies, Jane Dewey, Suzanne Gregerson, Robin Ingram, Cathy Jones, Vic Pompini, Phillip Sheahan, Anika Udell

Production Team:
Colin Brown, Yvonne Collins, Murray Cooke, Gary Cooper, John Davey, David Emmet, Jeremy Hall, Roger Harris, Karen Holmes, Peter Kendrick, Barbara Morris, April Payton, Nigel Roffe, Alan B Smith, Martin Stoner, Martin Udall, Lyndsay Udell