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by Albert Camus

The Questors Studio
June 1983

Directed by John Wilson
Designed by John Wilson
Lighting by Ian Briggs
Sound by Charles Lacaille
Costumes by Lyndsay Udell



Cast: Ferne Arfin, Phillip Clayton-gore, Peter Holmes, Annie Kimber, Peter Knight, Victoria Lord, Gavin Mcqueen, David Morgan, Anne O'brien, Vic Pompini, Wilf Sharp

Production Team: Peter Bacon, Ian Briggs, Sue Carroll, Liz Chisholm, Sue Cook, Marjorie Edwins, Janet Gadsden, Kate Goodson, Steve Hames, Murray Horrex, Mari King, Charles Lacaille, Grace Lacaille, Patricia Mcgrail, Iris Phelps, Kath Riley, John Saunders, Francis Stevenson, Tony Swam, Lyndsay Udell, Annie Ward, John Wilson