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List of Plays N-Q

Naked (Play Reading) 1933

Napoleon 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

Narrow Road to the Deep North 1972

Nasty Neighbours 1995

Nathan and Tabileth (New Play)(Experiment) 1946

Nebuchasiah the Second 1991

Neighbours 1964

Nell Gwynn 2019

Neon Gravy 1992

Nervous - Very, Very, Dreadfully Nervous 1992

New Boy 2003
New Boy 2005

New Way to Pay Old Debts, A (Play Reading) 1937

Next Stop Paradise (New Play) (RR) 1955

Next Time I'll Sing to You 1962 (New Play)(New Plays Festival)
Next Time I'll Sing to You 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)
Next Time I'll Sing to You 1995

Night 1979 (Student Group)
Night 1987 (Student Group)

Night Before Spring, The (New Play) 1955

Night of the Soul 2012

Night Out, A 1966 (Student Group)
Night Out, A 1984 (Student Group)

Night-Time for the Birds 1963 (Student Group)
Night-Time for the Birds 1979

Night to Make Angels Weep, A 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)

Nicholas Nickleby, The Life and Adventures of 2003

Nineteen Hundred and Five (1905) 1991

Nineteen Eighty Four 2019

No Fairy Tale 1997 (Rehearsed Reading)

No Camels in Israel 1968 (New Play)

No Company (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

No Fairy Tale 2014

No Flowers by Request 1983 (New Play)

No Man's Land 1981

No Quarter 1964
No Quarter 1979

No Reply 1979 (Student Group)

No Why 1973 (Student Group)

Noah 1939
Noah 1956 (Student Group)

Noah's Point 2007

Noises Off 1996

Norma 1981 (Showcase)

Norman Conquests, The: Round and Round Again 1986

Norman Conquests, The: Living Together 1986

Norman Conquests, The: Table Manners 1986

Not About Heroes 2018

Not Goodbye 2016 (Quarchives II)

Nothing But Complete Oblivion 2021 (Audio Drama)(New Play)

Not I 2000

Now You See Him, Now You Don't 1982

NSFW 2014

Nutty Slack Spectacular, The 1973 (New Play)

Observe the Sons of Ulster... 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Occupations 1975

Oedipus the King 1981

Oedipus 1971

Oedocles - King of Thebes 1996

Of Mice and Men 1990

Offending the Audience 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Office of Profit, An 1970 (Student Group)

Oh Sister! 1966 (Director's Showcase)

Oh! What a Lovely War 1978
Oh! What a Lovely War 2005

Ohh! 1965

Ohio Impormptu 2000

Old Times 1974

Old King Cole 1986

Old Ladies, The (excerpt) (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Old Man of the Mountain, The 1954 (Student Group)

Old Pier, The 1980

Old Tune, The 1966 (Director's Showcase)

Oleanna 1998

Oliver! 2005

On A Role 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)

On Me (New Play)(Festival of New Theatre) 2022

On the Spot 1974

On the High Road 1956 (Student Group)

On the Razzle 1989
On the Razzle 2013 (Student Group)

Once a Catholic 2004
Once Upon a Time in West Ealing 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)

One for the Road 1986

One Far Off and Fine Event (Annual Drama Festival) 1943

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 1979

One for the Road 1989

One For The Dead 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

One Leg over the Wrong Wall (New Play) 1964

Onkel Onkel 1969

Only Got Egg (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Only Got Egg (Annual Drama Festival)1947

Only Jealousy of Emer, The 1962 (Student Group)

Operation Cerebus 1976 (New Play)

Orchestra, The 1980 (Student Group)
Orchestra, The 1988 (Student Group)

Oresteia, The 1981

Othello (Who Loved not Wisely) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
Othello (excerpts) (Annual Drama Festival)1947
Othello 1949
Othello 1970
Othello 1981
Othello 2012

Other Palace, The 1964

Other Son, The 1954 (Student Group)
Other Son, The 1966 (Student Group)
Other Son, The 1974 (Student Group)

Others, The 1970 (New Play)

Otherwise Engaged 2009

Our Country's Good 1990
Our Country's Good 2004 (Student Group)

Out of Order 1993

Out at Sea 1967

Overcoat, The 2016 (Quarchives II)

Overdoin' Things (INP) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943

Overruled 1955 (Student Group)

Owl-Winged Family, The 1974 (New Play)

Pack of Lies 1994

Pact, The (New Play)(Powerplay 2) 2022

Painting on Wood, A 1963 (Student Group)

Pair of Spectacles, A 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)

Paix Chez Soi, La (excerpt) (Annual Drama Festival) 1940

Paper Chase 1977

Paradise Street 1950 (New Play)

Parlour Song 2012

Part of an Evening 1977

Parting, A (Annual Drama Festival)1947

Party, The 1982 (Director's Showcase)

Parva Vale 2003

Pass it On (Rehearsed Reading)1989

Passion Play 1993

Past Imperfect 2016 (Questival II)(New Play)

Pastoral Symphony, The 1948

Patriot, The (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Pay Board, The 1977

Peace at Home (La Paix Chez Soi) excerpt (Annual Drama Festival) 1940

Pearls 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)

Pedagogue, The 1963 (New Play)

Peer Gynt 1969
Peer Gynt 2018

Pelleas and Melisande 1989

Penny for A Song 1956
Penny for A Song 1978

Penny Showman, The 1989

Peregrine Proteus, The Remarkable Theatrical Adventures of (New Play)

Perfect Child, The (Unseens) 2005

Pericles 1991

Period of Adjustment 1983

Permanence 1981 (Showcase)

Permanent Damage 1996

Peter and the Wolf 1993

Peter Pan 2006

Phaedra 1967

Pharoah Cassidy, The 1960 (NPF1)

Philanderer, The 1951

Philanthropist, The 1984

Philistines 1988 (Student Group)

Philosopher of Butterbuggins, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1943

Phoenix 1984 (New Play)

Phoenix too Frequent, A 1956
Phoenix too Frequent, A 1967 (Student Group)

Phormio 2007 (Rehearsed Reading)

Phosphorus (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Physical Truth, A 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)

Picture, The 1968

Piece of Monologue, A 2000

Pierglass, The 2010

Pigs on the Platform (New Play) (Rehearsed Reading) 1953

Pinocchio 1996

Pitchfork Disney, The 1996

Play 1969

Play's the Thing, The 1930
Play's The Thing, The 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)
Play's The Thing, The 1992

Playboy of the Western World, The 1941
Playboy of the Western World, The 1947
Playboy of the Western World, The 1993

Playground 1980

Playhouse Creatures 2002

Playing with Fire 1966 (Director's Showcase)
Playing with Fire 1972

Playing with Fire 1976 (Student Group)

Plaza Suite 2005

Pleasure Garden, The 1948 (Student Group)

Plenty 1990

Plodding On 1980

Poems 1976

Poison, Passion and Petrifaction 1967 (Student Group)

Poor Dumb Animals 1971 (New Play)

Poor Man's Miracle 1951 (New Play)

Pop (New Play)1964

Popcorn 2002

Powerplay 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)

Portrait of a Madonna 1961 (Student Group)
Portrait of a Madonna 1979

Portrait of a Mother (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945

Portrait of Imogen (Play Reading) 1947

Possessions (Rehearsed Reading) 1993

Postal Orders 1930

Poster of the Cosmos, A (World Aid's Day) 1997

Prelude and Fugue 1933
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Present Laughter 1975
Present Laughter 1998
Present Laughter 2011

Press Cuttings 1971 (Student Group)

Price, The 1975

Pride, The 2014

Pride and Prejudice 1976 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice 1989 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice 2020

Priest in the Family, A 2018

Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The 1996

Princess Ivona 1984

Princess and The Pea, The 2003

Private Fires 1967 (New Play)

Private Lives 1968
Private Lives (extract) 1982
Private Lives 1994
Private Lives 2019

Private View 1982 (Director's Showcase)

Privates on Parade 1997

Problem, The 1985 (Directors' Showcase)

Professor Taranne 1960

Prometheus Bound 1977

Promise, The 1973

Prophesy to the Wind 1949 (New Play)

Proposal, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1934
Proposal, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Proposal, The (Comedy Contrasts) 1944
Proposal, The 1954 (Student Group)
Proposal, The 1975 (Director's Showcase)
Proposal, The 1985

Protest 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Provok'd Wife, The 1972

Publicist's Tale, The 2004

Pure Walking Evil 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

PVT Wars 1992

Pygmalion 1957
Pygmalion 1962
Pygmalion 1980
Pygmalion 2000
Pygmalion 2017

Pyramus and Thisbe (from A Midsummer Night's Dream) 1941
Pyramus and Thisbe (from A Midsummer night's Dream)(Comedy Contrasts) 1944

Quaker's Cello, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Quartermaine's Terms 1998

Quay Pursuits 1994

Queen of Spades and I, The 1990

Queens of France (Annual Drama Festival) 1942
Queens of France 1951 (Student Group)

Questickles! 1985

Questors Revue, The 1939

Questrionics 1959

Quiet Clap of Thunder, A 1961 (New Play)(New Plays Festival)

Quietus 2021 (Student Group)

Quoat-Quoat 1965