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The Questors 11th Annual New Plays Festival

by David Mowat

The Questors Playhouse
June 1970

Directed by Peter Whelan
Designed by Jill Champion-Torrance
Lighting by Peter Trigg
Sound by Riccardo Parravicini
Costumes by Freddie Edwards



Bruce Alexander, Caroline Crumley, Carla Field, Graham Howard, Lawrence Irvin, Mary Jones, Ken Ratcliffe, Geoff Todd

Production Team:
John Armitt, Marion Borgonon, Mike Brace, Richard Broadhurst, Douglas Brown, Jill Bryant, Val Caren, Freddie Edwards, Roy Edwards, Val Hill, Graeme Holford, Janet Holloway, Diana Jeffrey, Clare Langton, Jackie Learner, Jeffrey Little, Lindy Northcroft, Eleanor Panayi, Ricardo Parravicini, Ted Pearce, Bob Perks, Eleanor Phelps, Bryan Pitman, Tony Richards, John Stothart, Rhona Taylor, Eddie Thompson, Peter Trigg, Peter Wall, Sarah Wallace-pannell, Chris Westhead, Frank Wood