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The following plays were given their first performance
at The Questors

BT = BT Biennial in association with LTG
PB = PlayBack production
RR = rehearsed reading
SPC/r = The Questors Student Playwriting Competition (Runner Up)
SPC/w = The Questors Student Playwriting Competition (Winner)
YG = Youth Group production

1905 Angus Macfadyen 1991 SPC/w
A B C Robert Hines, Dale Randall 1979  
AFW Jim O'Connor 2020 Audio Drama
A Plus Kevin Madley 1991  
Abandon Hope Marion Voce 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Abode of Peace Ruth Prawer Jhabvala 1984  
Account Geoff Webb 1989 Rehearsed Reading
Actress and the Engineer, The Patsy Trench 1983  
Actresses Will Happen Even in the Best Regulated Families Estelle Longmore 1977  
Affected Young Ladies Janet Dunbar 1955  
After Liverpool James Saunders 1970  
Aftermath Rachel Knightley, Samantha Wright et al 2007 Youth Group
Agitator John Norman 1976 New Plays Festival
Air Raid Keith Winter 1941 Annual Drama Festival
Aladdin and His Wonderful Richard Gallagher 2013  
Albert, Make Us Laugh Jimmie Chinn 1986  
Alchemist, The Michael Kelly 1943 Annual Drama Festival
Altheim Don Roberts 1964 Rehearsed Reading
Alice Through the Looking Glass Phillip Sheahan (adaption) 1994  
All Good Children Douglas Blackwell 1944 Annual Drama Festival
All the Lonely People David Pearson 1970

New Plays Festival

Almas, The David Mowat 1989  
Amazing Dancing Bear, The Barry K Hillman 1981  
Apotheosis of Hermione Throssel, The Lionel Locke 1940 Annual Drama Festival
Appointment, The Malcolm Quantrill 1969 New Plays Festival
Ariadne and The Monsters Sara Page, Tim Fletcher 2019  
As Time Passes By John Fryer 2016 Quarchives II
At Home with the MacBeths Paul Ashby 1993 Rehearsed Reading
Bananas Tony Pipes 2020 Powerplay
Barnstable James Saunders 1960 New Plays Festival
Bats in the Attic John Barron 2023 QExtra
Betrayal PeterGould 2020 QExtra
Better A Dead Hero...? R B Rigby 1954  
Bird on the Wire Brian Abbott 2017  
Bleach Arnold Meyer 1971 New Plays Festival
Blessed Damozel, The Francis W Smith 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Blood Ties John Wilson 1995 Annual Drama Festival
Blue Eyes Peter Gould 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Bondage Marion Voce 1947  
Borage Pigeon Affair, The James Saunders 1969 New Plays Festival
Borderline Case, A Harry Barton 1974 New Plays Festival
Boys From Wishbone Junction, The Ben Francis 2023 QExtra
Brain Drain Ben Francis 2023 Overnight Plays
Brick, The Nigel Swain 1987  
Bristol Hotel Michael Kelly 1941 Annual Drama Festival
Brother's Keeper Michael Moriarty 1977  
But Now I Am Returned Eric Hutchison 1945  
By the Time You Read This Polly Churchill 1994 Rehearsed Reading
Call Me The Sea David Erdos 2022 Disintegration
Candlelight and Babylon Don Roberts 1972 New Plays Festival
Carer Liz Jardine-Smith 2015  
Carrying On Roy Hyams 2001  
Charade Tony Rushforth 2005  
Chekhov Keith Miles 1985  
Child of Light Alfred Emmet 1943 Annual Drama Festival
Children of Saturn, The Lydia Ragosin 1962 New Plays Festival
Chikdren of the Ironing Board Rachel Moorhead 2023 Overnight Plays
Choices Annie O'Brien, David Fletcher 1983  
Cinderloo Lisa Day & Robert Gordon Clark 2020 Overnet Plays
Circuses James Hepburn 1975 New Plays Festival
Close Up Tony Rushforth 2001  
coda4maKbet Nicholas Jonne 2006  
Cogner au Plafond Wanda Duszynska 2007 Youth Group
Columbanus James Mateer 1983  
Coming Round Peter Gould 2023 QExtra
Committal (Ends and Means) James Saunders 1960 New Plays Festival
Companion for Claire, A Michael Law 1994  
Conscript Thomas Pond 1951 Rehearsed Reading
Counting on Jimmy Kevin Madley 1989 Rehearsed Reading
Corruptible Crown, The Lydia Ragosin 1967  
Courtyard, The Antony Brown 1961 New Plays Festival
Crincum Crancum John Norman 1973 New Plays Festival
Critical Daylight Robert Jones 1983  
Crown for the Strong, A Lydia Ragosin 1967  
Cry for Treason, A Lydia Ragosin 1967  
Cuckoo School Phillip Sheahan 1991 PlayBack
Cycles Philip Sheahan 1980  
D Minus Kevin Madley 1989  
Dancing Naked David Pearson 1984  
Danny and the Flyer Don Weinstein 1988  
Dare the Dark David Erdos 20223 Overnight Plays
Dark River, The Rodney Ackland 1943  
David's Covid David Erdos 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Dead Boy Café Grant Carr 2022 National Playwrighting competition winner
Death in Leicester Roy Minton 1967 New Plays Festival
Death of Joe Hill, The John Fay 1987 SPC/w
Decoy, The Marion Voce (adaption) 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Diamond Ring, The John Fryer 2017 Dark Monday
Diary of a Scoundrel Rodney Ackland (adaption) 1946  
Dimbola J R Thompson 2021 Staged Reading
Dispersed Audrey Pattison 1955 Rehearsed Reading
Divine Intervention Peter Gould 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Dog and The Scar, The David Hovatter 2019  
Dogs of Pavlov, The Dannie Abse 1969 New Plays Festival
Don't Wait for Me David Campton 1963 New Plays Festival
Dracula - Fangs of Destiny Andrew Whelan, Mark Fitzgerald 2013  
Dragon and The Canary, The Ben Francis 2020 Audio Drama
Drilling for Happiness Kevin Madley 1993  
Ealing Club, The Julian Smith 2022  
Early Rising Hugh Forbes 1955 Rehearsed Reading
Early Shakespeare and the Late Marlowe Michael Moriarty 1977 New Plays Festival
Edge of the World Norman Latimer 1952  
Enchanted Knight, The David Hovatter 2004  
English Captain, The Lydia Ragosin 1955  
Evolution of Esther, The David Hovatter 2004  
Exhibitionists are Among Us, The William Norfolk 1963 New Plays Festival
Fair Play Geoff Webb 1985  
Fairground Music Fred Willetts 1964 Experiment
Fanfaronade Rodney Diak 1955  
Ferry, The Michael Kelly 1945 Annual Drama Festival
Final Dividend Michael Kelly 1947  
Fire From Heaven Lempriere Hammond 1945 Annual Drama Festival

First Post to Last Pint

Kevin Madley, Phillip Sheahan 1999 PlayBack
Five Card Trick Andrew McGuiness 2000  
Flight of the Canaries Lauren Harper 2023 QExtra
Fool's Mate Michael Kelly 1941 Annual Drama Festival
Four Stars Barbara Kimmel 2022 Powerplay 2
Fowler's Gift Sebastain Baczkiewicz 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Free Association Mark Burton 2003 Rehearsed Reading
From Cradle to Grave Various 1997 PlayBack
Full Disclosure Sean McMahon 2020 Powerplay
Funland Dannie Abse 1975 New Plays Festival
Futures Jonathan Skinner 2014 Paul Darby Prize Winner
Garden Room, The Michael Butler 1988 Rehearsed Reading
Gentle Art of Seduction, The David Pearson 1975 New Plays Festival
Gentle Maiden, The Marion Voce 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Gerard Ascending David Hovatter, John Dobson 1997  
Gerard's Blood David Hovatter, John Dobson 1999  
Getting Ahead James Rushbrooke 2021 Overnight Plays
Goat Boy Wanda Duszynska 2006 Youth Group
Gilgamesh Michael Kelly 1956  
Gilgamesh Retold Jenny Lewis 2022  
Girl, The William Trevor 1968  
God's Regents Patrick Day (adaption) 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Going Gentle Kevin Madley 1994  
Golden Savage, The John Hearne 1966 New Plays Festival
Gone Dannie Abse 1962 New Plays Festival
Goodness Gracious! Is That Really Me? William Norfolk 1963 New Plays Festival
Granville, The Ugly Duckling Antony Quinlan 2000  
Grex... a great expectation David Hovatter, John Dobson 1998  
Gruach Gordon Bottomley 1932  
Guarded Territories Lawrence LeBarge 1995 (SPCR/r) Rehearsed Reading
Gun Sexy Julian Smith 2022 Overnight Plays
Guy, The Walter Lever 1966 New Plays Festival
Hammer Horror Ben Francis 2022 Overnight Plays
Hamster Babies Andrew Jones 2002 Rehearsed Reading
Hans Kohlhaas James Saunders 1972 New Plays Festival
Happy Families John Godber 1991 (BT)
Harry Sebastian Baczkiewicz 1985  
Hearing, The Ben Kavanagh 2022 Powerplay 2
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Andrew McGuiness 2016 Rehearsed Reading
Hello Paris Sebastian Baczkiewicz 1990  
Helping James Chinn 1979  
Hemingway in Barcelona Ian Fulton 2021 Staged Reading
Hilarious John Barron 2023 QExtra
Holloway Road Tim Plester 1995 (SPD/r)(RR)
Hombre y Hombre Stephen M Pullen 1993 (SPC/r)
Homesick Kevin Madley 1992  
House of Cowards, The Dannie Abse 1960 New Plays Festival
House of Yes, The Wendy Macleod 1990  
House Warming, The Judith Harry 1980  
How I Assumed the Role of a Popular Dandy Derek Marlowe 1965 New Plays Festival
Howling at the Moon Julian Smith 2021 Audio Drama
I Am The Walrus Pete Barrett 2014 Paul Darby Prize (Runner Up)
Icarus Preserved Michael Kelly 1941  
Idyll in Llanybach Patrick Day 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Igloo, The Ken Fraser 1965 New Plays Festival
Imitation, The David Hovatter 1996  
Incident in Oxygen Ella Dormon-Gajic 2020 Scenes in Solitude
India Gate (Workshop)
India Gate
Howard Sheperdson &
Tajunder Sindra
In Search of Man David Yallop 1968 New Plays Festival
Insiders Martin Choules 2020 Overnet Plays
Interview, The Robert Gordon Clark 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Interview, The David Erdos 2020 Audio Drama
Intruder, The Peter Gould 2021 Audio Drama
Is the House Shut? Dannie Abse 1964 New Plays Festival
Island, The James Saunders 1975 New Plays Festival
It Was Funny The First Time Ben Francis 2020 Scenes in Solitude
It was Never so Merry My Lord! David Shellan 1967 New Plays Festival
Italian Pastorale Richard Davies 1954 Rehearsed Reading
Jericho Richard Davies 1989 Rehearsed Reading
John David Mowat 1971 New Plays Festival
Joker, The Dannie Abse 1962 New Plays Festival
Josie Carbolic John Miles-Brown 1988 Rehearsed Reading
Journey Oenone Grant 1979  
Just Us Michael Law 1992 Rehearsed Reading
Kerry Dance, The Tony Rushforth 1999  
Kill! Kill! Herb Greer 1967 Round Holes
Kind Hearts and Comedies Kevin Madley 1993 PlayBack
King Arthur and The Twelfth Knight James Rushbrooke 2022  
Knopped Up by Naughty Helen David Hovatter (after
Wilhem Busch)
Lady Susan Jane Dewey (adaption) 1987  
Last Analysis, The Ronald Bowden 1974 New Plays Festival
Last Emperors, The David Shellan 1971 New Plays Fesitval
Late of this Theatre Vincent McQueen,
Michael Green, et al
1966 New Plays Festival
Laughing Willow, The Arthur Berry 1968 New Plays Festival
Leap in the Dark Ralfe Davies 1953 Rehearsed Reading
Lemming and the Lifebelt, The Kevin Madley 1995  
Liar and the Watch, The Christoph Kenshole 1994  
Life & Death of Almost Everybody, The David Campton 1970 New Plays Festival
Life in the Dark, A Jo Matthews 2005  
Lindy-Anna Jones and the Fist of Doom David Hovatter 2023 Overnight Plays
Little Dorrit (adaptation) David Hovatter 2023  
Little Patch of Ground, A Andrew Whelan 2011 PlayBack
Liola Frederick May (translation) 1962  
Long Way Away Geoff Webb 1984  
Looking Glass Lesson, The Paul Ashby 1992  
Looking After Molly (workshop) Michael Law 2000  
Long Spoon, The Alexandra Mikellatos 1958  
Love Story Robert Gordon Clarke 2021 Overnight Plays
Lovers Tony Rushforth 2011  
Loves of Pegeen Cuaran, The Edward Percy 1956  
Luca's Spoon Andrew McGuinness 2011  
Lying Game, The Paul Ryan 2021 Overnight Plays
Lykos: The Danger in the Maze Paul Ramsey 1977 New Plays Festival
Make a Wish Rachel Moorhead 2022 Overnight Plays
Marilyn Meets Bobby and Johnny Tim Plester 1993 (SPC/w)
Marvellous Land of Oz, The David Hovatter (adaption) 2009  
Martin Guerre John Davey et al 1979  
Micromania Jane Dewey 1985  
Mid Floor Robert Gordon Clark 2020 Audio Drama
Midnight B H Fraser 2021 Audio Drama
Midnight Sun, The David Mowat 1983  
Mind Forest, The R D Steadman-Jones 1989 (SPC/w)
Moby Dick David Hovatter (adaption) 1995  
Monsieur Bon-Bon Michael Kelly 1953  
Moon Made Me. The David Erdos 2022 Disintegration
Mouthpieces Michael Sharp 1995  
Mute Emily Glaze 2022 New Writing Festival
My Relationship with Jayne David Mowat 1973 New Plays Festival
Napoleon David Duff 1993 Rehearsed Reading
Nasty Neighbours Debbie Isitt 1995 (BT)
Nathan and Tabileth Barry Bermange 1964 Experiment
Neighbours James Saunders 1964  
Nervous - Very, Very, Dreadfully Nervous John Wilson 1992  
Next Stop Paradise A E Claydon 1955 Rehearsed Reading
Next Time I'll Sing to You James Saunders 1962 New Plays Festival
Night Before Spring, The Richard Whitehall 1955  
No Camels in Israel Ken Fraser 1968 New Plays Festival
No Company Harry Feingold 1944 Annual Drama Festival
No Fairy Tale Brian Abbott 2014  
No Flowers by Request Phillip Sheahan 1983  
No Quarter Barry Bermange 1964  
No Reply Amanda Summers 1979  
Nothing But Complete Oblivion Ian fulton 2021 Audio Drama
On A Role Ben Francis 2021 Overnight Plays
On Me Caroline Lamb 2022 Festival of New Theatre
Once Upon a Time in West Ealing David Hovatter 2020 Overnet Plays
One Wednesday in the Abyss Martin Choules 2022 Overnight Plays
Old Pier, The Norman Tucker 1980  
One Far Off and Fine Event Harry Feingold 1943 Annual Drama Festival
One Leg Over the Wrong Wall Albert Bermel 1964 New Plays Festival
Only Got Egg Michael Kelly 1940 Annual Drama Festival
Operation Cerberus Michael Kittermaster 1976 New Plays Festival
Others, The David Mowat 1970 New Plays Festival
Out of Order Adam Somerset 1993 Rehearsed Reading
Overdoin' Things Lionel Locke 1943 Annual Drama Festival
Owl-Winged Family, The John Norman 1974 New Plays Festival
Pact, The Laura Grillo 2022 Powwerplay 2
Paradise Street Antony Brown 1950  
Parva Vale - 2003 Youth Group
Past Imperfect Sian Neil 2016 Quarchives II
Pastoral Sympathy, The Millicent George (adaption) 1948  
Patriot, The Michael Kelly 1946 Annual Drama Festival
Pay Board David Fletcher 1977  
Pearls Lucy Aley-Parker 2020 Overnet plays
Pedagogue, The James Saunders 1963 New Plays Festival
Penny Showman, The Various 1989  
Peregrine Proteus Jane Dewey 2022  
Permanent Damage Tony Green 1996 (SPC/r)
Pharoah Cassidy, The Ned Gethings 1960 New Plays Festival
Phoenix David Storey 1984  
Physical Truth, A Larry Craig 1989 Rehearsed Reading
Pigs on the Platform Cynthia Rowland 1953 Rehearsed Reading
Playground Douglas Verrall 1980  
Plodding On Robert Jones 1980  
Poor Dumb Animals James Hepburn 1971 New Plays Festival
Poor Man's Miracle Marian Hemar 1951  
Pop Vincent McQueen, Michael Green 1964 New Plays Festival
Portrait of a Mother Barbara Hutchins, Alfred Emmet 1945 Annual Drama Festival
Possessions R D Hamilton 1993 (SPC/r) (RR)
Powerplay Lucy Aley-Parker 2020 Audio Drama
Princess and the Pea, The Bernice Wolfenden 2003  
Private Fires Fred Watson 1967 New Plays Festival
Prophesy to the Wind Norman Nicholson 1949  
Psychopomp James Rushbrooke 2023 Overnight Plays
Quiet Clap of Thunder, A Peter Philp 1961 New Plays Festival
Quietus Nicholas Jonne Wilson 2021 Student Group
Radio Refuge David Erdos 2020 Audio Drama
Raft, The Michael Kelly 1942 Annual Drama Festival
Real Death of Sherlock Holmes, The Michael Green 1989  
Reflexions Don Roberts 1965  
Rejoice David Howard 1992 (SPC/w)
Rembrandt Herman Plantan 1947  
Resignation Speech, The Jamie King 2020 Audio Drama
Return to a City (Ends and Echoes) James Saunders 1960 New Plays Festival
Reward, The David Eltis 1993 (SPC/r)
Rhythm of the Road Jim O'Connor, Tony Chapman 1995 PlayBack
Road of Poplars, The Vernon Sylvaine 1930  
Rook John Horwood 1991  
Room IV David Hovatter 1993  
Sartre Effie Samara 2015 Rehearsed Reading
Sanctuary James Keller 1976 New Plays Festival
Scenes from the Fair Jonathan Hall 2005  
Scorched Carl Grose 1996 (SPC/w)
Sea Flood Michael Kelly 1944  
Seagull Rising A E Ellis 1977 New Plays Festival
Seascape Tony Rushforth 2005  
Secondary Wife, The Dorothy Fisk 1954  
Seeing You Will Make Me Sad Liz Byrd 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Shakespeare Country Peter Whelan 1993 (BT)
Shed, The Charles Hatton 1965 New Plays Festival
Shift, The Peter Owen Knowles 1990 (SPC/w)
Shoeshop Sebastian Baczkiewicz 1980  
Sisters Three Harry Feingold 1941 Annual Drama Festival
Six Patrick Smith 1964 Experiment
Sketches in the Dark Scott Perry 1995 (SPC/w)
Sleepers in the Field Peter Whelan 2018  
Snap, Snap, Boom Shannon Murdoch 2020 Powerplay
Snooper Jim O'Connor 1983  
Soapsud Island Phillip Sheahan 1990 PlayBack
Somewhere in England Jean & Gordon Caleb, Vincent McQueen 1987  
So Tired Lauren Harper 2020 Scenes in Solitude
Soul Trader Niall O'Mara 2020 Powerplay
Sound and Fury Harry Feingold 1942 Annual Drama Festival
South African, The Tom Sharpe 1961 New Plays Festival
Spiders Andy Anderson 2022 Powerplay 2
Star Chores: A New Leaf David Hovatter 2022 Overnight Plays
Stares, The Douglas Willis 2020 QExtra
State of the Art B F Herst 1988  
Steadman: In The Mouth of the Lion John Garforth 1986  
Steel Tumbleweed Dan Dawes 2016 Quarchives II
Storm in a Paint Pot Margaret Gibbs 1953  
Story of Aesop, The Steve Fitzpatrick 1987  
Strange Echoes Ned Gethings 1954 Rehearsed Reading
Stranger in This City, A Rodney Ackland 1952 Rehearsed Reading
Struck by Lightning Riana Howarth 2023 Overnight Plays
Sunday Costs Five Pesos Josephine Niggli 1944  
Surrey Recruit, The Fred Watson 1964 New Plays Festival
Swan, The Ned Gethings 1955  
Tales of Awkwardity Henry Lewis 2005  
Talk and Cheese Martin Choules 2021 Overnight Plays
Team Building Shawn Lindsell 2021 Overnight Plays
Tell Me, Moon Maurice Ballinger 1945 Annual Drama Festival
Temptation too Great Gabriel Farrell 1990 Rehearsed Reading
Testament of Cresseid Alexandra Mikellatos 1952  
That Spot of Joy Hilary Spiers 2021 Audio Drama
There Geoff Saunders 2023 QExtra
There'll Always be a Brentford Tony Chapman, Duncan Alldridge 2006 PlayBack
They Also Serve Francis W Smith 1943  
Things, The Colin Finbow 1963 New Plays Festival
This Is It B H Fraser 2023 QExtra
Time, Life, Sex and You Know What James Hepburn 1972 New Plays Festival
Timekeeper, The Tony Gariff 1972 New Plays Festival
Tinkers' Idyll Ned Gethings 1953  
Tinsel of Athens, The Lydia Ragosin 1950  
Torch Girl David Hovatter 2021 Overnight Plays
Touch of Rose Madder, A Jim O'Connor 2001  
Treasure Island James Rushbrooke 2023  
Triangles Sarah Andrews, Oenone Grant 1979  
Trick, The Alex Marker 2020 Overnet Plays
Tricorn Julian Smith 2023 Overnight Plays
Turning Point Paul Thain 1984  
Tuscan Artist, The Michael Kelly 1948  
Two Cleaners Chiara Arrigoni 2022 Festival of New Theatre
Tying House, The Lyn Thornton 2022  
Ubu Chris Storer (after Alfred Jarry) 1999  
Unseens Joel Dyer, Niail Tatchley, Henry Lewis, Theo Garman 2005  
Usual Channels W W Harrington 1954 Rehearsed Reading
Villa for Sale Sacha Guitry 1940  
Voyager Tony Rushforth 2011  
Waldo and the Wonderful Web Jane Dewey 1983  
Waltz Jimmie Chinn 1979  
War Street Serenade Katy Louise Dean 1989  
Watch on the Works Pierre Roudy, Cyril Buhler 1973 New Plays Festival
West 5 Story Richard Harris, Denis King 2014  
What Really Happened to Fidelity Hope? Malcolm Quantrill 1966 New Plays Fesitval
Whatever Happened to Kathy Kirby? Jimmy Chinn 1995  
When the Bough Breaks James Rushbrooke 2022 Overnight Plays
Whirler, The Sebastian Baczkiewicz 1982  
Who Was Hilary Maconochie? James Saunders 1963 New Plays Festival
Why The Long Face? Shawn Lindsell 2022 Overnight Plays
Wilfred and the Wizard Hunt Jane Dewey 1983  
Wooing of Wilhelmina, The Harry Feingold 1944 Annual Drama Festival
Workout, the Albert Bermel 1963 New Plays Festival
Young Hearts James Rushbrooke 2022 Disintegration
Zoom In David Erdos 2020 Overnet Plays