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List of Plays U-Z

Ubu Rex 1998 (Student Group)
Ubu Rex 1999

Ulysses 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

Uncle Vanya 1941
Uncle Vanya 1968
Uncle Vanya 1994
Uncle Vanya 2015

Under Milk Wood (shortened version) 1960 (Student Group)
Under Milk Wood 1980 (Student Group)
Under Milk Wood 1989

Under the Gaslight 1985

Unknown Warrior, The (Play Reading) 1934

Unseens 2005

Unveiling 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Usual Channels (New Play)(RR) 1954

Vacant Possession (Annual Drama Festival) 1937

Vampire, The 1979

Vatslav 1978

Venetian Twins, The 1999

Venus and Adonis 2015

Venus and the Sheperdess (Annual Drama Festival) 1934

Venus Observed 1979

Vera 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

View from the Bridge, A 1980
View from the Bridge, A 2003

Vikings of Helgeland, The 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Villa for Sale (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Villa for Sale (Club Evening) 1940

Village Bike, The 2016

Vincent in Brixton 2006

Vincent Rivers (excerpt) 2001

Vinegar Tom 1987 (Student Group)

Virtuous Burglar, The 1993

Visit, The 2007 (Student Group)

Voice of Shem, The (Finnegan's Wake) 1958

Vote by Ballot (Rehearsed Reading) 1988

Voyagers 2011

Waiting For Godot 1961
Waiting For Godot 1973
Waiting For Godot 1990
Waiting for Godot 2007

Waiting Room, The 1975 (Director's Showcase)

Wakefield Cycle, The (The Shepherd's Play) 1936
Wakefield Cycle, The (The Resurrection) 1970 (Student Group)

Waldo and the Wonderful Web 1983

Waltz 1979 (Student Group)

Waltz of the Toreadors, The 1979

War Street Serenade 1989

Was Ever Woman Woo'd (Richard III) (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Wasteland, The (Director's Showcase) 1976

Watch on the Works 1973 (New Play)

Water's Edge,The 2021

Watershed, The 1976

Waving to a Train 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Waxen Man, The 1939

Way of the World, The 1968
Way of the World, The (extract) 1982

Way We Live Now, The (World Aid's Day) 1997

Wealth 1986

Wedding, The 1957 (Student Group)
Wedding, The 1964 (Student Group)
Wedding, The 1973 (Student Group Look-in)
Wedding, The 1982 (Student Group)

Wedding Story, A 2003

Wedding Day, The 1976

Weekend 1971

Weep My Fortunes (King Lear) 1992

Weir, The 2006

Werewolves 1991

West 5 Story 2014

Western Chamber, The 1940
Western Chamber, The 1944

We Will Not Be Silent (Dark Monday) 2017

What If Only 2023

What Really Happned to Felicity Hope? 1966 (New Plays Festival)

What the Butler Saw 1977
What the Butler Saw 2002

What a Load of Rubbish 2002 (Rehearsed Reading)

What Prize Scotland? 2002

Whatever Happened to Kathy Kirby? 1995

When the Rain Stops Falling 2017

When We Dead Awaken 1975

When We are Married 1979

Whipping it Up 2022

Whirler, The 1982

White Carnation, The 2023

White Devil, The 1980

White Nights 1989

White Headed Boy, the (Play Reading) 1933
White Headed Boy, The 1940

Who Loved Not Wisely (Othello) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945

Who Was Hilary Maconochie? 1963 (New Play)
Who Was Hilary Maconochie? 2004

Who's Afaid of Virginia Woolf 1969
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 2002

Whose Life is it Anyway? 1986

Widows 2008

Wild Duck, The 1999

Wild Spirits (Director's Showcase) 1978

Wilfred and the Wizard Hunt 1982

Wind in the Willows, The 2000

Windows (Play Reading) 1931

Winne the Pooh 1994

Winslow Boy, The 2012

Winter's Tale, The 1950
Winter's Tale, The 1965
Winter's Tale, The 1981
Winter's Tale, The 2002

Winterling, The 2011

Witch, The 1934
Witch, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Witches, The 2003

Without Women 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Wizard of Oz, The 2008

Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The 2015 (Youth Group)

Woman of No Importance, A 1999

Woman in Mind 2000

Woman Who Turned into a Clock, The 2003

Women from the Voe, The 1953 (Student Group)

Women have Their Way, The 1951 (Student Group)

Wonderful World of Dissocia, The 2015

Wonderful Zoo 1935

Wooing of Wilhelmina, The (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Workout, The 1963 (New Play)

World's Wonder, The 1955

Wormwood 2002 (Rehearsed Reading)

Worthy Master, The 1938

Woyzek 1989

Wurzel-Flummery 1930

Yerma 1991
Yerma 2012 (Student Group)

You Can't Take it With You 1952
You Can't Take it With You 1993 (Student Group)
You Can't Take it With You 2003 (Student Group)

You Never Can Tell 1932
You Never Can Tell 1995

Young Hearts (New Play)(Disintegration) 2022

Young Idea, The (Student Group) 2015

Young Woodley (Play Reading) 1933

You're Gonna be Alright, Jamie Boy 1982

Zebra Did It, The 2007

Zero Positive (World Aid's Day) 1997

Zoom In 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)

Zoo Story 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)