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by Christopher Fry

In a Double Bill with SS Tenacity

The Questors Theatre ("Tin Hut")
January 1956

Directed by Colette King
Designed by Colette King
Lighting by Martin Carr
Sound by Stuart Hartley, Eric Kirby
Costumes by Elisabeth Wellman

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Patrick Bowley, Diana Benn, Sylvia Jarvis

Production Team:
Dorothy Boyd-Taylor, Martin Carr, Francis Foad, John Goldrick, Sally Greenfield, Judy Hall, Stuart Hartley, Colette King, Eric Kirby, Beryl Owen, Jose Roberts, Michael Vanner, Elisabeth Wellman

Christopher Fry was born in 1907. He hails from Bristol, and has had a varied career in and out of theatre, including acting and producing for different Repertory companies and a spell as a schoolmaster teaching English literature in Surrey. But he was determined to become a dramatist; and his determination has given the modern playgoer some of the most delightful evenings of the last decade. Here is no Drama of the Unspoken: on the contrary, the plays of Fry are the works of a word-fancier, pregnant with verbal dexterity, exuberant with the love of language.

A Phoenix Too Frequent, which we see to-night, was first heard in 1946 at the Mercury Theatre when it delighted those who saw it and whetted the appetite for The Lady's nor for Burning which followed two years later at the Arts. Other plays include The Boy With a Cart (1938), The Tower (1939), Thor With Angels (1948), The Firstborn (1948), Venus Observed (1950), A Sleep of Prisoners (1950) and The Dark is Light Enough (1954).