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by Bernard Shaw

The Questors Playhouse
October 1980

Directed by David Fletcher
Designed by David Gilbert
Lighting by Phil Page
Sound by Charles Lacaille
Costumes by Lindsay Udell




Glynis Carter, Lorna Duval, Heather Godley, Pam Gower, Jenny Hicks, Michael Howard, Victor Reynolds, Amanda Rowberry, Duncan Rowberry, Bill Rudderham, Ted Scrivener, Alan Waldock

Production Team:
Sue Baker, Vic Barrell, Roger Brace, Bob Charles, Candy Clotworthy, Lynne Featherstone, Jane Fenelon, Jane Fessey, David Fletcher, David Gilbert, Stan Glebocki, Tim Hayward, Mary Jenno, Charles Lacaille, Richard Lewis, John Nadler, Phil Page, Iris Phelps, Edith Ricket, Linda Rivans, Roger Sturm, Jackie Todd, Lindsay Udell, Pete Walters, Gordon Watson, Terry Wierzan