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A Cry of Treason &
A Crown for the Strong
by Lydia Ragosin

First performance of these plays

The Questors Playhouse
March 1967

Directed by Alfred Emmet
Designed by Stephan Paczai
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal
Sound by David Edwards



[A Cry of Treason] Patrick Bacon, Michael Bird, Michael Boakes, Neville Bradbury, Richard Broadhurst, Charles Bryte, Lorna Duncan, Kevin Fells, Michael Haines, Mary Hodlin, Susan Holliday, Ben Keen, Michael Langridge, Paul Lewis, David Lorraine, Paul O'Connor, Ivan Pinfield, Kenneth Ratcliffe, Michael Small, Eric Smith, John Stacey, Donald Starkey, Julian Tayler, Brian Taylor, Chris Taylor, Harold Thornley, Ruth Tremayne, Philip Rhind-tutt, Peter Wall, Lorna Watson, Tony Worth, Philip Wright

[A Crown For The Strong] Patrick Bacon, Michael Bird, Neville Bradbury, John Goldman, Ben Keen, Trevor Morris, Kenneth Ratcliffe, Martin Rutherford, Eric Smith, Donald Starkey, Ruth Tremayne, Michael Ward, Lorna Watson, Tony Worth, Philip Wright

Production Team:
Judy Bogod, Richard Broadhurst, Marie Crabb, Mike Custance, Gillian Dobson, Geoff Dobson, Margery Dobson, Freddie Edwards, David Edwards, Hilary Ellwood, Alfred Emmet, Sandra Wainwright-Fahey, Vic Fisher, Joanna Georgescu, Pat Hodges, Juliette Howard, Ruth Howard, Nick Hunt, Gerry Isenthal, Paul Lewis, Christine Lockwood, Russ Marsh, Frances O'Neil, Stephan Paczai, Doris Porter, Angela Preston, Joan Pyle, Kevin Rourke, Paul Southernwood, John Stacey, Maire Steadman, Bob Stock, Ann Stuart, Peter Wall, John Webb, Vivian Weeks, Frank Wood,