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Or, The Reward of a Thing Well Done is to Have Done It.
by Carla Field

My dear friend Mary Anderson, who died at the end of May [1999], was familiar to audience members as the lady with the pink bag, running the book stall in the foyer. What many of you may not have realised is that Mary was a very distinguished Questor who had served our theatre in many ways.

An art teacher, she joined The Questors in the mid 1950's soon becoming a set designer in the old Tin Hut. She met and worked with Bob Anderson, a BBC lighting engineer and they married in 1960. She was for a time Head of Design. Much of her work was outstanding. Many of us will remember her wonderful re-creation of a small country station waiting room for Mike Green’s 1975 production of The Ghost Train, enhanced by Bob’s lighting suggestive of gaslight, or her exuberant design for A Flea in Her Ear.

Many considered that some of her best art work was in her back-cloths. She performed sterling work in Wardrobe until her asthma prevented her working in the rather dusty atmosphere and then she joined the box-office team. She always sought to be useful in whatever way she could, including acting as host to members of visiting companies. Always modest, reserved and utterly reliable, the many Questors at her funeral attested to the high regard and affection in which she was held.

Mary loved the theatre and The Questors in particular. She would bemoan the fact that too many of us were insular and did not experience enough the wider world of theatre. She was a giver who gladly gave to The Questors in whatever way she could. I will miss her more than I can say - Questors will miss her more than perhaps they know. Our thoughts go to Bob and their daughters Kate and Janet.

[Questopics 446, September 199]

Mary Anderson at The Questors

1961 Box and Cox
1961 Henry IV Part 1
1961 Lady Audley's Secret
1962 Bedtime Story
1962 Bulldog Drummond
1962 Looking Glass, Looking Glass
1962 Lysistrata
1962 Only Jealousy of Emer, The
1962 Riders to The Sea
1963 East Lynne
1964 Everything in the Garden
1964 Neighbours
1964 No Quarter
1964 Sweeney Todd
1965 Bad Dreams
1965 Let's Get a Divorce
1965 Reflexions
1965 Slight Ache, A
1966 Fairy Tales of New York
1966 Hecabe
1968 Hedda Gabler
1968 Homecoming, The
1969 Peer Gynt
1971 Ding! Dong!
1971 Duchess of Malfi, The
1971 Steam
1972 Candlelight and Babylon
1972 Catsplay
1972 Steam
1973 As You Like It
1973 Ghost Train, The
1973 Marriage
1973 Miss in her Teens
1973 No Why
1974 Old Times
1974 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
1975 Coriolanus
1975 Electra
1975 When We Dead Awaken

1976 City Limits
1976 Faustus
1976 Flea in Her Ear, A
1976 Pride and Prejudice
1976 Sanctuary
1977 Coarse Acting Show, The
1977 Mark Twain Show, The
1977 Midsummer Night's Dream, A (scenes)
1977 Toad of Toad Hall
1978 Caretaker, The
1978 Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, The
1981 Winter's Tale, The
1982 Equus
1982 Relapse, The
1987 Right You Are (If You Think So!)
1988 Father, The
1988 Front Page, The
1988 Hired Man, The
1989 Mind Forest, The
1989 My Sister in This House
1989 On the Razzle
1989 Pride and Prejudice
1989 Seagull, The
1990 Beauty and the Beast
1990 Marriage of Figaro, The
1990 Queen of Spades and I, The
1990 Taming of the Shrew, The
1991 Pericles
1991 Rivals, The
1992 Too Clever by Half
1993 Daisy Pulls it Off
1993 Trelawny of the Wells
1994 Alice through the Looking Glass
1994 Beaux' Stratagem, The
1994 Julius Caesar
1994 Uncle Vanya
1996 School for Scandal, The
1997 Juno and the Paycock