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by William Shakespeare

The Questors Playhouse
February 1994

Directed & Designed by Steve Fitzpatrick
Lighting by Frank Wood
Sound by Leila Bayander, Nigel Worsely
Costumes by Kat Morton



Paul Ashby, Sam Bryant, Fraser Christie, Dion Daly, John Dobson, Sophie Grey, Anthony Griffith, Ian Harris, David Hovatter, Brian Ingram, Robin Ingram, Annie Kimber, Nigel Lawrence, David Phillips, Joe Purcell, Paul Vincent

Production Team:
Mary Anderson, Mary Angus, Leila Bayander, Jo Booth, Stephanie Boothroyd, Nina Boothroyd, Wayne Boothroyde, Junb Chanicka, Bob Cooper, Tessa Curtis, Jean Derby, Raquel Farrington, Steve Fitzpatrick, Katy Gallantry, Helen Goldberg, Simon Green, Debbie Harte, Karen Hornby, Richard Kelly, Pete Kendrick, Sioban Lawson, Linda Mcdonald, Kate Morton, Renata Nash, Victoria Norri, Brin Parsonage, Phil Pinkham, Emma Rantor, Harriet Smart, Kate Smith, Martin Udall, Claire Whitley, Louise Wodehouse-easton, Frank Wood, Nigel Worsley