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by Gerald du Maurier and 'Sapper'

The Questors Studio
December 1962

Directed by Michael Green
Designed by Mary Anderson
Lighting by Brian Lisher
Costumes by Joan Pyle, Pat McGrail



Tony Barber, Carla Craik, Alan Drake, Dennis Estop, Tony Harrison, Stuart Hartley, Paul Imbusch, Harry Ives, Martin Mcdonald, Vincent Mcqueen, Bill Rudderham, Dorothy Boyd Taylor, William Wall, Robin Whitehead, Philip Wright

Production Team:
Bob Anderson, Mary Anderson, Richard Brown, Jennifer Cheseborough, Ann Conheeney, Pat Digby, Rosalind Dix, Rita Frost, Michael Green , Pixie Laurie, Jackie Learner, Pat Mcgrail, Iris Phelps, Joan Pyle, Rena Rice, George Stubb;, Peter Talbo, Brian Lisher