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BETTY OGDEN (d.1988)

Long-standing members of The Questors, especially, will have fond memories of Betty Ogden, who died on April 6th aged 87.

Betty was a devotee of Theatre. For many years she was secretary of the Vic-Wells Association and organised its fabled Annual Ball. She joined The Questors in the early forties and played innumerable parts of enormous variety. Her forte was perhaps high comedy but one remembers, too, a vast gallery of 'more serious' roles.

In addition to the many qualities of a sensitive actress she possessed two attributes which are increasingly rare on today's stages; a graceful carriage and a beautiful speaking voice. To play opposite her was sheer delight. To read her name on a programme was to be assured that one performance, at least, was in safe hands.

She also played her part in The Questors administration and was a member of the Committee of Management for many formative years. She was especially valued as a social organiser and many will remember happy visits to Stratford organised by Betty.

She was greatly loved and admired by all who knew her and The Questors will be poorer without her.



1945 But Now I Am Returned
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1947 Final Dividend
1948 The Apple Cart
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1950 The Gentle People
1951 Poor Man's Miracle
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1955 The Night Before Spring
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1957 The Golden Cuckoo
1957 Henry V
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1957 The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus
1958 Eurydice
1958 The Miser (Torquay Open Air Theatre)
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