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by W H Smith

The Questors Theatre
December 1959

Directed by Michael Green
Musical Direction by Eric Kirby
Designed by Mary Venus
Lighting by Neil Carmody


Neville Bradbury, Carla Craik, Shaun Curry, Alan Drake, Alfred Emmet, Sylvia Estop, Dennis Estop, Paul Imbusch, Harry Ives, Steve Kirby, Vincent Mcqueen, Laurence Nixon, Betty Ogden, Jennifer Oscard, Ffrangcon Price, Frank Smith, Sandra Turner, Philip Wright

Eric Kirby,
[The Teetotal Quartet] Joan McQueen, Dorothy Boyd-Taylor, Arthur Boyd-Taylor, Donald Barrett

Production Team:
Douglas Arundel, Neil Carmody, Michael Green, Jill Heady, Eric Kirby, Fred Mynard, Mr Plumbe, Judith Reed, Jose Roberts, Mary Venus, Daphne Williams