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VIC POMPINI (d.1994)

The Questors lost another long-standing member at the end of last year. After a hard-fought struggle against the cancer diagnosed in the spring, Vic Pompini died just before Christmas.

Originally a member of The Questors' Student Group, Vic worked in the old tin hut. Following his removal to Twickenham two years ago, The Questors had seen little of him, though our loss was the Richmond Shakespeare Society's gain. However, despite his illness he was able to get up to the Edinburgh Festival to support his friends in their new company.

While his performances at The Questors are too numerous to mention, he made a memorable Usher in the Studio production of The Fall of the House of Usher in 1988, and few who saw it will forget his 'tree performance' in the Five Go Mad in the Woods sketch in lf Shakespeare Was a Friend of Ours He Really Wouldn't Mind Our Doing This, also in the Studio.

1960 Christopher Columbus
1960 Professor Taranne
1960 Return to a City (Ends and Echoes)
1960 Three Sisters
1960 Under Milk Wood (excerpt)
1961 All My Own Work
1961 Portrait of a Madonna
1961 The Rules of The Game
1961 Sergeant Musgrave's Dance
1961 The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
1962 Bedtime Story
1962 Liola
1973 Lysistrata
1977 Toad of Toad Hall
1978 A Mad World My Masters
1978 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew
1979 Crime and Punishment
1979 Lord Byron's Love Letter
1979 A Man for All Seasons
1979 Martin Guerre
1979 Portrait of a Madonna
1980 Edward and Anna
1980 The Girl in Melanie Klein
1980 Mr Smith
1981 Aladdin
1981 Brimstone and Treacle (Director's Showcase)
1981 Hans Kohlhaas
1981 Mary Barnes
1981 This Story of Yours
1982 A Japanese Studio
1982 Private View (Director's Showcase)
1983 Caligula
1983 The Lover (Director's Showcase)
1983 The Midnight Sun
1983 Wilfred and the Wizard Hunt
1984 Long Way Away
1984 Romeo and Juliet
1984 Sherlock Holmes
1985 The Country Wife
1985 The Good Woman of Setzuan
1985 Micromania, A Contemporary Pantomime
1986 The Assembly Women
1986 Death Watch
1986 Destiny
1986 Good
1986 Lux in Tenebris
1987 If Shakespeare Were a Friend of Ours...
1988 Dangerous Corner
1988 The Fall of the House of Usher
1989 Hamlet - What Dreams May Come
1991 The Devils