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With the death of Gerald Rawling at the end of August, The Questors lost yet another great figure of the old tin hut days. Although Geralds's active career with The Questors was fairly short (he joined in 1952 and left London six years later) he managed to pack a great deal into that time. Not only was he Treasurer of the theatre, he was one of our most distinguished actors. He was also a founder-tenant of The Lodge, when the old house was converted into bed-sitters, and one of the kingpins of the famous Questors' sailing flotilla which used to make an annual voyage on the Broads under "Captain" John Howard.

He was also a survivor of the dwindling band who helped construct the new theatre complex from 1956 onwards and a regular at the Three Pigeons pub, which served as our Grapevine in those days, where he enlivened many an evening with hilarious stories of life as a war-time officer in the Royal Marines.

Tall and with a distinctive stage presence, Gerald probably gave his most notable performances as
Cousins in Shaw's Major Barbara in 1953 and Solness in Ibsen's Master Builder in 1956. A versatile
actor, he had a good sense of comedy and was a joy in Susannah Centlivre's A Bold Stroke For a
in 1954. He also, played the Duke of Austria in Alfred Emmet's production of King John in 1954
and the hero in Sweeney Todd, the first-ever Questors Christmas show, in 1956.

Before leaving for the West Country Gerald became engaged to our Wardrobe Mistress, Theresa
(also a fine actress), and eventually she went to join him. They had two sons, Andrew and

Gerald and Tess never lost touch with The Questors and on retirement a few years ago returned to settle in Ealing. Many Questors attended the funeral at Ruislip Crematorium.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Tess, who is at present in Clayponds Hospital and would love to hear from any friends.

[Questopics 360, December 1992]

1953 Crime Passionel
1953 Major Barbara
1953 Tartuffe
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1954 A Bold Stroke for a Wife
1954 King John
1955 The tragedy of Fratricide Punished
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1955 The Three Honourable Gentlemen
1955 The World's Wonder
1956 Getting Married
1956 The Master Builder
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1956 Sweeney Todd
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