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There can be no disguising the sense of shock and grief with which we learned of the death of "dear
old Bar", to use the affectionate phrase which always seemed to come instinctively to the tongue
when referring to her. She went to Bentley early in December for two months sick leave, developed
pleurisy and then pneumonia, to which she succumbed, passing peacefully on the 23rd January. One
of the last things she did before she was taken ill, was to type the scripts for "The Western Chamber",
in the decision to revive which she was largely influential.

Barbara was one of the very few remaining original members of the Club, having been with us since
the Questors was first founded in 1929. She was the only member apart from the writer, who has been
continuously active in the Club from its formation until now. She had been a member of the general
Committee since 1931 until the end of 1943, when her resignation from the General Secretaryship,
which office she had held since 1941, involved her vacating her seat on the Committee under the new

With her independent mind, her influence in shaping the course of the Club has been great, probably
greater than she herself realised, particularly in the choice of play, in which she assisted as a member
of the Plays -Committee for many years.

There are few jobs that she did not undertake at one time or another for the Club, and many of them
the routine, unglamorous jobs that too often go unrecognised, but are in the end the mainstay of the
Club. She played many parts of which the outstanding one was, perhaps, "Georgiana Tidman" in
"Dandy Dick". No one would wish to pretend that she was a brilliant actress, but as has been
emphasised before, it is steady continuous work rather than an occasional brilliant performance, which
has always been the most valuable contribution to the Club.

But it is rather for what she was, than what she did, that Barbara will live in the memories of us all: for
her frank, open-heartedness and generous spirit endeared her to all who knew her, and the
affectionate regard in which we all hold her will not be easily dimmed.

Alfred Emmet


1929 The Best People
1930 I'll Leave It to You
1930 Play's The Thing, Th
1930 Postal Orders
1931 A Bill of Divorcement
1931 The Importance of Being Earnest
1931 Windows
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1932 The Romantic Young Lady
1933 Behold We Live
1933 A Bill of Divorcement (ext)
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1933 Young Woodley
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1935 Mr Sampson
1935 She Passed through Lorraine
1935 The Taming of The Shrew
1936 The Flame
1936 Getting Married
1936 The Shepherds' Play (The Wakefield Cycle)

1936 Twelfth Night
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