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Derek Bullock (1926-2009)

Derek Bullock in The Herbal Bed (2000)

Members will be saddened to hear that Derek died shortly before Christmas. He was a constant actor between 1980 and 2002 taking part in over 25 plays including such diverse pieces as A Winter's Tale, London Assurance, The Herbal Bed and A Little Hotel On The Side. He continued even when he was `commuting' between his two homes in Ealing and Cornwall.

He brought a commanding presence and a resonant voice to the stage. He was every director's dream, knowing his lines early but open to suggestion so that his characterisation grew during rehearsal.

During the war he was ‘a Bevin Boy'. After taking an English degree he trained at Central School of Speech and Drama. He then joined the Colonial Service and spent much of his working life as Principal of a boys' college in Ibadan in Nigeria where he met Chris, his wife, who held a similar position in the girl's college. They were both much loved by their former pupils who kept in close touch with them. At his request the funeral was a quiet affair and his ashes will be taken and scattered in Nigeria.

Alan Chambers

[QNews 27, February 2007]

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