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Members, and friends of Jillyann Healy, will be deeply saddened to hear of her untimely death. Norman Wilkinson remembers her with great affection:

I first met Jilly in 1975 in The Cocktail Party, my Questors debut. She was an assured, admired and established leading lady and I a raw recruit, but she gently mothered me through the nerve racking experience. That first meeting blossomed and grew into the deep and lasting friendship we shared until she died. To know her was to love her and share her laughter, her hospitality, her generosity, her love of conversation, her kindness, her sense of fun, and at the end her awesome bravery. She was a quality act, on stage and off. If she had a downside I never saw it and had I done so it wouldn't have mattered, I loved her too much. I and all her many friends in London, Devon and Cornwall are bereft, and though she has left us with memories that will last our lifetimes they can never substitute for the reality that was filly. Those of us who had the joy of knowing her know they are lessened by her loss.

[Questopics 443, May 1999]

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