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by William Shakespeare

The Questors Playhouse
October 2008

Directed by Barrie Adenbrooke
Designed by Alex Whitcroft
Lighting by Chris Newall
Sound by Danny Bailey
Costumes by Therese Anderson
& Nichola Thomas



James Alexander, John Barron, Anthony Buss, Tom Cantwell, Michael Cummings, Billy Degg, Charlie Dupré, Anthony Green, Rory Hobson, Lucy Ibbison, Robin Ingram, Will Langley, Noor Lawson, Liam O'Neill, Jennifer Quille, Mark Redrup, Greg Smith, Nikki Squire, Rosalind Storey , Paul Vincent, Michele Waldock, Cara Waudby-Tolley, Christopher Wickenden, Alexis Wieroniey, Eleanor Williams

Production Team:
Debbie Abel, Therese Anderson, Sarah Andrews, Danny Bailey, Henry Broom, Keith Collyer, Diego Cruz, Anthony Doran, John Downs, Denis Dracup, Chris Edward, John Fryer, Anthony Green, Mike Hagan, Richard Halberstadt, John Howe, Calum Kean, Neil Lacey, Alex Marker, Ellis McNorthey-Gibbs, John McSpadyen, Geoffrey Morgan, Chris Newall, Ruth Parry, Sue Peckitt, Mel Pereira, Pamela Redraup, Peter Salvietto, Michael Smith, Rosalind Storey, Nichola Thomas, Clive Whitcroft, Nigel Worsely,