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by Ena Lamont Stewart

Music by Christine Waite

The Questors Playhouse
November 1991

Directed by Sue West
Designed by Brad Askew
Lighting by Tim Hayward
Sound by Nigel Worsley
Costumes by Fiona Coutts


Lynne Bell, Joe Campbell, Iris Festenstein, Grant Filshill, Pam Gower, Clare Hocter, Sibeal Mcguinne, Jonathan Partington, Pamela Pritchard, Daisy Reid, Iain Reid, Lee Sirkin, Juliet Turner, Margaret Turner, Cathie Wallace, Mairi Wilson

Production Team:
Colin Abdey, Brad Askew, Leila Bayandoe, Jo Booth, Derry Bourke, Roger Brace, Fiona Coutts, Tracey Gregory, Jaqui Hall, Jill Hallowell, Juliette Hayward, Tim Hayward, Cullen Henshaw, Bob Hoskins, Elaine Kidd, Louise Mitchell, Geoff Moore, Cho Myung ok, Judy Neale, Wendy Neale, James Nixon, Chris Price, Jenny Richardson, Debbie Seed, Christine Waite, Debbie Ward, Sue West, Nigel Worsley