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MARY JONES (d.1975)

Members will be saddened to hear that Mary Jones died on August 8th. Mary was an actress who had given great pleasure to many audiences since she played her first part in 1963. She was a generous person both in her ability to give to other actors on stage and in her awareness of the efforts of the back stage team and it was this that made her so popular. Rehearsing with her was fun and her sense of humour relaxed many a tense moment. Perhaps her greatest achievement was in the creation of the part of Mrs Orb an in the English premiere of Istvan Orkeny's Catsplay.

Among my own personal memories, however, are the gasp of pleasure she gave when, after teasing her that I had bad news, I offered her part of The Duchess of Malfi, her heroic attempts to keep in tune between two of The Questors' worst singers in Steam and her superb performance as Oenone in Phaedra. Her final exit at the Minack Theatre, a flash of purple between the rocks and the sea as she plunged into the night will remain with me for ever.

She will be deeply missed.
Alan Chambers

Mary Jones at The Questors
1963 Don't Wait For Me
1964 Altheim (rehearsed reading)
1964 Is the House Shut?
1965 The Igloo
1965 The Winter's Tale
1966 Hecabe
1967 The Imaginary Invalid (schools tour)
1967 Phaedra
1968 An Anatomie of Horror
1968 The Maids (director's showcase)
1968 Romeo and Juliet
1968 The Way of the World
1969 The Borage Pigeon Affair
1970 Henry IV Part 2
1970 Othello
1970 The Others
1971 The Duchess of Malfi
1971 Steam
1972 Catsplay
1972 A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
1973 Touch-and-Go
1974 The Breasts of Tiresias
1974 The Cenci