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Cadet Fred E. Greenfield
Killed on active service, April 1943

Fred had been an Acting Member of the Club since 1934, and played regularly during our early years
in our own theatre. Though never a brilliant actor, he nevertheless gave some extremely sound and valuable performances in such varied plays as The Circle (1934), The Witch (1934) (his 'Laurentius' was particularly memorable), The Taming of the Shrew (1935), Captain Banner (1935) and Twelfth Night (1936).

We remember him chiefly perhaps as an entirely unselfish actor, whose first thought was always the success of the Club, and who could always be completely relied upon to do his full share as a member of the team. Such a contribution was worth many a brilliant performance by a less steady member.

What we remember with a particular sense of gratitude was Fred's willingness always to come to our aid (sometimes at great personal inconvenience) when we were really in a hole. This happened not once, but many times; for instance during the blitz period, when he came to the rescue to play in The Western Chamber (1940) and again in the Drama Festival; when he took a run as Lighting Manager,
when he served a valuable term on the Committee. Fred's contribution to the Questors was as great
as it was varied, and we hold him in affectionate and grateful memory.

Our warmest sympathy goes out to Betty Greenfield, and to their two little daughters, Sally and Judy.

1934 Chinese White
1934 The Circle
1934 The Witch
1935 Captain Banner
1935 Mr Sampson
1935 The Taming of The Shrew
1936 Getting Married (play reading)
1936 Twelfth Night
1940 Love and How to Cure it
1940The Western Chamber