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by Barney Norris

The Questors Studio
June 2018

Directed by Daniel Cawtheray
Designed by Andrew Hiat-Lacey
Lighting by Terry Mummery, Andrew Whadcoat
Sound by Martin Choules
Costumes by Sylvia Wall



Dani Beckett, Anil Goutman, Zac Karaman

Production Team:
Ian Black, Toby Burbidge, Daniel Cawtheray, Martin Choules, Riccardo Feasy, Jane Arnold-forster, Maria Gebhardt, Rachel Gemaehling, Alex Kapsali, Doug King, Andrew Hiat-lacey, Alex Marker, Reiko Moreau, Geoffrey Morgan, Terry Mummery, Harriet Parsonage, James Peake, Tim Pemberton, Sylvia Wall, Andrew Whadcoat, Olivia Wiles, Rob Willin