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by William Shakespeare
with music by Anastasia Markova

The Questors Studio
May 2011

Directed by David Emmet
Designed by Philip Lindley
Lighting by Chris Newall
by Alan N Smith
Costumes by Jennie Yates



Efe Abboh, Jeff Baynham, James Burgess, James Byrne, Adam Carruthers, Jed Chambers, Graham Dennis, Nina Flitman, Anthony Green, David Hovatter, Wesley Lloyd, Daniel Martin, Andrew Morris, Sam Murray, Fiona Smith, Allan Soper, Paul Vincent, Jonathan Wells, Katharine Williams, Charlie Woolley

Production Team:
Debbie Abel, Jerome Buck-Townsend, Steve Cowan, Mary Davis, David Emmet, Colin Horne, Barry Jones, Helen Karasiewicz, Francois Langton, Philip Lindley, Anastasia Markova, Beth McKay, Ellis McNorthey-Gibbs, Jessy Moat, Stephanie Moore, Sam Murray, Alan N Smith, Chris Newall, Mel Pereira, Liz Prior, Chloe Purchase, Pam Redrup, Jenny Richardson, Ore Sanderson, Ben Sandford, Cathy Swift, Sarah Vass, Richard Williams, Jennie Yates