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by William Shakespeare

The Questors Playhouse
27 May - 3 June

Directed by Peter Field
Designed by Spencer Butler
Lighting by Richard Mead
Sound by Colin Horne
Costumes by Spencer Butler


Jeremy Booth, Christopher Cullen, Jason Etherington, Steve Fitzpatrick, Paul Francis, Claire Garrigan, James Hall, Michael Hislop, Peter Kennedy, Hugh Macgregor,, Tony Marshall, Charmian Norman-Taylor, Keith Parry, Alison Pollard, Jennifer Ranger, Annalie Ranger, Jonathan Rose, Cameron Smillie, Laurence Taylor, Emanuel Vlahakis, Norman Wilkinson, Alex Young

Production Team:
Duncan Alldridge, Debbie Arnsby, Duncan Barton, Elizabeth Bisinotto, Anthony Bridges, Spencer Butler, Tom Butler,, Spencer Butler, Peter Collins,, Alison Denman, Peter Field, Sarah Galton, Anne Gilmour, Colin Horne, Lynn Jackson, Peter Kennedy, Richard Meade, Victoria Miles, Sally Milton, Julie Nash, Susan Oliver, Alex Pycz, Jenny Richardson, Ruth Simpson, Karen Sloan, Francis Stevenson, Bridgett Strevens, Christopher Tomlins, Sylvia Wall, Elaine Wein