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by William Shakespeare

A Workshop Production

The Questors Studio
August 1995

Directed by Mark Fitzgerald

Director's Note:
Come and see Shakespeare as it was originally performed. Each actor Will receive cue scripts of the play to work on, these consist of their lines and the last three words of the previous speech to learn (as did the actors in Shakespeare's day). The only help or rehearsal they will get are some workshops to help them work in this method and a few one-to-one meetings with myself to help with any problems that may arise. At no time will they be allowed to read the whole play or will they know who exactly is playing the other parts. The latter they will find out on the day of performance, when we meet to run through the entrances and exits.
To help them; the prompt will sit on stage throughout (as he did in Shakespeare's day) and they are free to call for lines when ever they need them. This all adds to the fun, anything can happen and I promise you it will.
So please come along. It is a show suitable for the whole family. This is a first for The Questors.