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by John Osborne

The Questors Playhouse
May 1979

Directed by John Davey
Musical direction by Eric Kirby
Designed by Roger Harris
Lighting by Alan N Smith
Sound by Murray Cooke
Costumes by Freddie Edwards



Jo Arundel, Jeremy Bentham, Larry Irvin, Tina Kirk, Patsy Nuttall, Ian Pinkerton, Philip Remington, Ted Scrivener, Sue Sotheran, Cathie Wallace

Jeremy Bennett, Francis Bourne, Julia Cooke, Eric Kirby, Edwin Riches

Production Team:
Alec Atchison, Val Caren, Michael Coffey, Murray Cooke, John Davey, Freddie Edwards, Jill Gee, Michele Gerrard, Graham Goodall, Roger Harris, Irene Kerr, Eric Kirby, Barbara Morris, Bridget Murdoch, Phil Page, Iris Phelps, Linda Revans, Malcolm Robertson, Ian Russell, Alan M Smith, Roger Sturm, Peter Walters