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Margaret Webster (d.1972)

With the death in the Middle of November [1972] of Margaret Webster, The Questors lost another early friend and one time President. In that capacity she followed her eminent father, Ben Webster, and enjoyed a brief but enthusiastic term of 'office' in 1936/37. When, in 1938, we took over the sole lease of the old theatre and had to raise a substantial sum of money to re-seat and effect other improvements, Peggy Webster in a double act with Gwen Ffrangcon Davies launched the Appeal, pointing out to members with unassailable logic that unless they subscribed they would in future have to stand when visiting The Questors. The money was raised.

Peggy's wit, brilliant mind and warm personality made their mark on The Questors as on all with whom she came in contact. She was one of the most illustrious members of that very small band, successfu women directors of plays, especially of Shakespeare and mostly in the States.

Alfred Emmet