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Geoffrey Sellman (d.1996)

Geoffrey Sellman, who died on Monday 6 May, will be fondly remembered as a tireless supporter and active campaigner for The Questors.

It was Geoffrey who made sponsorship a thriving element of the theatre. As Sponsorship Co-ordinator over the last ten years, he managed to gain a high level of financial support for almost all of the Playhouse productions whilst constantly raising the theatre’s profile with local and in some cases national businesses. As a retired Bank Manager he combined considerable financial knowledge and business acumen with an ability to talk persuasively about The Questors to people from all walks of life. But perhaps his best asset was a determination to follow through until he got a positive result, and when he did so, he would share his success with us over a bottle of wine. He was extremely successful in obtaining sponsorship for The National Student Playwriting Competition and followed its progress with great interest.

Those members who were fortunate enough to know him, will recall what a kind and considerate man he was. With his wife Jean, he came to every production taking a front row view and would enjoy chatting with everyone during the sponsors’ hospitality nights. Anyone who knew Geoffrey well would sooner or later be treated to a day at Lords for cricket and a picnic.

Due to severe illness last year, which had left him unable to drive, he had planned to retire as Sponsorship Co-ordinator as soon as a suitable replacement could be found. In actual fact he was still working hard to gain sponsors for the new season up to a few days before his death. Geoffrey and his contribution to the work of The Questors will be greatly missed.