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ALEC PAYNE (d.1999)

It was with very great regret that we learned of the death of Alec Payne, one of the original founders of the Questors and our first producer. It was Alec who thought of and suggested the name "The Questors", and he contributed much in the early days, both as producer and actor. His performance in The Road of Poplars in 1930 was quite outstanding and we remember him too in A Bill of Divorcement, giving a superbly sensitive performance as the mentally unbalanced husband and father.

Alec played a considerable part in guiding the Questors' first tentative steps towards the policy, which was afterwards consciously adopted, of doing only "worthwhile" plays. His infectious enthusiasm and zest undoubtedly helped to carry us over many of the early difficulties.

He leaves a widow, Kathleen, one of the most quietly efficient stage managers we remember.


1929 The Best People
1930 I'll Leave It to You
1930 Me and My Diary
1930 Postal Orders
1930 The Road of Poplars
1930 Two Gentlemen of Soho
1931 A Bill of Divorcement
1931 The Road of Poplars
1935 Captain Banner
1930 The Road of Poplars
1931 A Bill of Divorcement
1931 The Road of Poplars