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Fred Pateman in January. He was found dead at home, having apparently had a heart attack.

Fred joined in 1952, so he had been a member for nearly 43 years. He was one of those people whom almost everybody of the old guard knew, although he neither acted nor directed. His main contribution to The Questors was his film Towards a New Theatre, which showed the story of how the new theatre was designed and laboriously created between the years 1956-64. The film, which was shot as the project progressed, was updated several times and forms a unique record of our own history. It still lives, in greater glory than ever, as Roger Kelly had it turned into a video. Fred was very proud to see the video receive its first public performance at the Tin Hut Reunion last summer, and it sold like hot cakes among the veterans.

More recently, Fred contributed a series of show reviews to Toad and Questopics and was a lively contributor to the correspondence columns.

Fred was 74. The funeral at Greenford Cemetery was attended by former colleagues.