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LEON HANICK (d.2003)

We regret to announce the death of one of The Questors' oldest members, Leon Hanick. Leon joined the theatre about 1942 (roughly the same time as Kit Emmet) and remained a member until he died recently. He was one of those people who contributed quietly in a great number of ways, doing sterling work fundraising, playing a number of small parts on stage, and helping out in numerous departments.

He served for several years on the Committee of Management in the fifties, where his common sense and financial wisdom were most valuable, especially as this was the period when plans for the new theatre were being finalised.

His mother ran a small restaurant in Bond Street, Ealing, called The Ritz Café, a traditional teashop of the period, which was a popular port of call for members of The Questors. Although Leon ceased to be active at the theatre after the sixties he kept in touch and was very pleased to be able to attend the Tin Hutters' reunion four years ago, where he met several contemporaries and old friends. including Kit, whose 80th birthday was also being celebrated.

Mike Green
[Questopics 484, January 2003]

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