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JILL GEE (d.2023)

I am very sorry to report that Jill Gee, a former long standing member of The Questors office, has died. Jill's funeral will take place at Mortlake Crematorium on Friday 14th July at 9.30am. Jill's son, Simon Gee, has said anyone who knew Jill is welcome to attend – please note no flowers.

Simon also sent me the following message for publication to Questors members:

'Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.'- Mary Oliver

'I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good Friends' - William Shakespeare

It is with much sadness that I need to announce the passing of my mum Jill Gee, she'd written out the two quotes above in her own writing and kept them at the back of her address book.

She was a lifelong, honorary member of The Questors. A great honour she was given after serving about 23 years in the Office, which was originally situated where the library now is. It then moved to its existing position, and the Theatre Manager decided it was time to introduce a Word Processor. Yes, shocking. My mum was a typewriter wizard.

Unfortunately my mum couldn't really get to grips with this technology and so another lady (dare I say slightly younger) was employed to handle this magic machine. They were good friends thankfully.

Mum also voluntarily prompted at many, many shows in the Playhouse and the Studio and took her summer holidays in Minack to coincide with the tour season there. I went along for a few of these trips .. chicken and chips in a basket at the pub along the road was always my favourite and afternoons on the small beach next door.

She will be getting a seat plaque in her memory in the Playhouse in the summer. Seat 38.

Please rest your hand on the seat back and say 'Hi' when passing. She loved The Questors.'
Simon Gee

The following extract from Questopics, is from Chairman Martin Bowley's speech at the 1993 AGM (when Jill was given the award of Honorary Life Member) and fills in a bit more background on Jill's long service:

"[Jill] only joined as recently as 1971 but, for the last twenty-one years she has been the ever-present calm at the centre of The Questors' administrative whirlwind. She joined the office staff only three months after I became Chairman for the first time and for twenty-one years she has been the only person in the office who can read my writing. But she has done so much more than that, working regularly on productions, seen often on the prompt book. For me she has always been a vital link into the thoughts and worries, the hopes and fears of the acting and active membership."