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Kit Emmet wrote:

Mildred Emmet died recently at the great age of 91. Probably Lister Beck and I are the only remaining members of The Questors who knew her. But, as with so many of the very early “Tin Hutters”, Mildred's contribution to our theatre was far from inconsiderable. She was, I suppose, our very first “Head of Wardrobe”, although I doubt if anyone actually accorded her that title: she just made the costumes, handed them out for the shows and then put them away again - in what is now part of the Grapevine Club's cellar. When the air raids came, many of the actors who had been rehearsing during the evening, took shelter with her there, although she was herself also an acting member and I believe the archives could still produce photographs of her in the various roles she played. Mildred lived in Ross-on-Wye for many years and, until ill health overtook her, made active use of her sewing skills while there.

Her funeral on l8 January was attended by her large family and friends. As The Questors looks towards the millennium, we would do well to remember those early enthusiasts whose dedication laid the foundations for present achievements.

Kit Emmet
March 1991