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The theatre has suffered a sad loss with the death in November of Geoff Dobson, one of our most skilled constructors, who was for some time chairman of the Workshop committee and was a member of it at the time of his death.
It was a joy to work with Geoff, who brought to each show not only high skills and shrewd theatrical understanding, but also a ready wit which never failed to bubble to the surface at moments of tension or difficulty. Above all, and designers and directors spend their lives searching for this quality, the words "It can't be done" were not in his vocabulary. When presented with a novel or complex problem, and this happened often, a profound silence would fall, then out would come pencil stub and envelope, and from the hasty scribbling that followed would invariably emerge a solution which not only satisfied the designer's and director's concept, but often improved on it.

Geoff will be sadly missed —but his approach to his craft should long be recalled in fond memory, as that of a model theatre technician.

Bill McLaughlin