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Scenes from the Fair (2005)

[The Ealing Gazette, 21 January 2005]

Villagers enjoy a summer fair and all it has to offer

Scenes From The Fair, a play written especially for the Questors Youth Theatre by Jonathan Hall, is performed at the venue from Saturday, January 29. The story – part of 'Unseens,' a supporting programme of short scenes devised and written by members of the Questors Youth Theatre – is set on Fair Day in a small village in the summer of 1914. The villagers meet at the fair to show their best breed of pigs, enjoy the rides, and have their fortunes told.

Will, a young Eugenicist, working on his book, meets the locals, including the squire's fiancée, Emily, who sees that Will may provide a way out of a potentially loveless marriage.

Can Will's dream of a perfect society ever by realised?