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A TALK IN THE PARK by Alan Ayckbourn
LAST TO GO by Harold Pinter
THE BLACK AND WHITE by Harold Pinter
THEY ALONE KNOW by Jean Tardieu
FIND ME by The Company

The Questors Studio
February 1981

Directed by John Davey
Designed by Roger Harris
Lighting by Martin Stoner
Sound by Alan B Smith
Costumes by Grace Lacaille

Christina Balit, Michael Curran, Denise Curran, John Griffin, Judith Jones, Patrlck Larkin, Maureen Lewis, David Mccabe, Siobhan Nicholas, Barbara Penny, Tony Plumridge, Stephen Quinn, Brian Rea

Production Team:
Alan B Smith, Colin Brown, John Davey, David Emmet, Pam Gower, Jeremy Hall, Roger Harris, Maury Horwich, Grace Lacaille, Annamaria Luise, Patricia Mcgrail, Bob Ricket, Martin Stoner, John Strickland, Sharon Williams, Jane Wood


Alan Ayckbourn at The Questors
Harold Pinter at The Questors
Jean Tardieu at The Questors

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