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Tom Clabburn, a member of our youth theatre, passed away unexpectedly on 5 October [2007]. Tom had been coming to Questors since January 2004. His performance as young George in There'll Always Be a Brentford is remembered by many. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Tom, remembered by his friends at The Questors Youth Theatre
Tom was a huge part of our drama class. He made every class different and fun. He was a really good actor who could be both serious and also very funny. He most enjoyed playing fat, drunk men and he was excellent at putting on funny voices. Tom could laugh at himself and wasn't scared to make a fool of himself. if ever there was a silence in a lesson, he would say something random and make everyone laugh. He was the heart and soul of our drama group and we will never forget him. As well as being incredibly funny and a great friend to so many of us, he was a great person. No matter what the situation was, he always made everyone laugh. We will never forget his smile that he always had.

Members of Year 10 Questors Youth Theatre

[Qnews 3, November 2007]