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´╗┐Lindsay was a great and much-loved personality at The Questors, with fantastic design and dress-making skills. She had a wonderful sense of the ridiculous, which made her a joy to work with. I'm sure many "old" Questors remember with great fondness being looked after by her - usually on period productions.

She was always sympathetic when the going got tough, but she had the ability to make you see that the crisis was no more than a hem that was too long (and anyway that falling flat on your face was actually very funny!).

She had recently moved away from Ealing, but had not cut herself off from her friends, and we chatted on the 'phone and were making plans to meet up.

She died on 12th July, and is survived by her two daughters, Anika and Sasha, and her son, Hallam, and 7 grandchildren. We all miss her.

Julie Cruttenden