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Gwen Taudevin, who died aged 78 on May 15th, had been a member of the theatre since 1962. In
spite of being struck down by polio at the age of four, and thereafter being confined to a wheelchair,
she lived a remarkably full and active life.

She was a Captain of the Girl Guides, a keen philatelist, and in recent years worked in Day Centres for
the elderly. But for everyone in Mattock Lane she will always be remembered for "Gwen's Teas" which
for over twenty years she organised almost single-handedly for everyone in Sunday afternoon
rehearsals. It was both a privilege and a pleasure to present her with Honorary Life Membership of the
Theatre in 1983.

In an act of quite outstanding generosity she left the bulk of her estate to the Theatre. It consists
largely of a substantial house in Twickenham, and the Committee of Management has already
resolved that the proceeds should go towards specific projects rather than be used to fund general
running costs, and that at least part of the money should go to providing facilities for the
disadvantaged. They will be the best possible memorial for an extraordinary lady and a very
remarkable Questor.

[Questopics 327, July 1990]