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A new season, a new bar, but a familiar face will be sadly missed - no longer will we see Eddie Gouge in his customary place; he died. He will be missed for his wit and his counsel - the Students, the Grapevine and all his friends will miss him.

Rest in Peace.
Jack Walsh

Eddie was very keen on memorials, so the Grapevine Committee have held a collection between themselves, the proceeds of which will be donated towards medical research into Diabetes. If anyone else wishes to contribute they may do so by contacting Arthur Boyd Taylor or any Grapevine Committee Member, by the 30th September.

One thing for which all members of the Student Groups in recent years have reason to be grateful to Eddie Gouge, was his regular opening and servicing of the Grapevine every Saturday after class. The opportunity this gave to relax and talk together after class has been a valuable part of being a Questors Student and has undoubtedly been a factor in promoting a good Group feeling in successive "years". I think Eddie realised this and that is why he did it, week in, week out, without fail.

It was a valuable and unselfish service and one that was greatly appreciated.