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Brian Batsford, who had been a Vice-President of the Theatre for many years, died on
March 5th aged 80. He was always a great supporter of the Theatre although in recent
years he had not been able to play any prominent part in our affairs.

As an assistant government whip he had been largely instrumental in the successful
invitation to the Queen Mother to attend the opening of the new playhouse in April 1964. He
also played an important advisory role when, a few years later, Alfred Emmet's name was
put forward for inclusion in the Honours List. His last major appearance at the Theatre was
at our Golden Jubilee celebrations in November 1979.

He was Member of Parliament for Ealing South from 1958 to 1974, eventually becoming
opposition chief whip, and chairman of Batsford Books from 1952 to 1974. But it was
undoubtedly as Brian Cook, the painter, who provided the distinctive eye catching Art Deco
covers for Batsfords British Heritage series in the 1930's, that he made his most distinctive
contribution to his times.

He leaves a widow, Wendy, and two daughters.

[QUESTOPICS 338 May 1991]