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The Questors Studio April 2019
7 new plays written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours

by Robert Gordon-Clark

Pam Redrup
Cast: Mark Redrup, Tilly Reid, Veronique Sevegrand, Maggie Turner

DARKNESS by David Hovatter
Director: David Hovatter
Cast: Lucy Aley-Parker, Jigyasa Anand, Hetty Bentley, Kai Hogenacker, Arabella Jacobson

THE FINAL TAKE by Alex Marker
Director: Alex Marker
Cast: Robert Baker-Glenn, Robert Eagle, Callum Hartnup-Williams, Finn Hartnup-Williams,
Alex McDevitt, Sanjeev Wadhwa

MIND by Maria Hummer
Director: Dani Beckett
Cast: Alison Griffin, Maddie Tavare

THE SEANCE by Berenice Wolfenden
Director: Wanda Duszynska
Cast: Clare Cooper, Neil Dickins, Robert Vass, Sarah Vass

HERO FOR A DAY by Martin Choules
Director: Mike Hadjipateras
Cast: Cecily Blyther, Dan Cawtheray, Quinn Goodliffe, Wilfie Goodliffe, Manisha Mohan,
Donna Youngs

CUCKOO by Andy McGuinness
Director: Gary Reid
Cast: Will Langley, Rory Hobson, Ceri Jones

Production Team: Bernard Brady, Henry Broom, Carla Evans, Jane Arnold-Forster, Anne Gilmour,
Jennifer Kerr, Tristan Marshall, Chris Newall, Laurie Swan, Carole Swan, Doug Willis, Nigel Worsley